4 x 3 Stunden Workshop mit internationalen Spieler*innen! @ TIB - Theater im Bahnhof Graz, Graz [19. Mai]

4 x 3 Stunden Workshop mit internationalen Spieler*innen!

10:00 - 16:30

TIB - Theater im Bahnhof Graz
Elisabethinergasse 27a, 8020 Graz, Austria
Im Rahmen des Improcups 2018 gibt es die Gelegenheit einen Workshop mit einem/r unserer internationalen ImprospielerInnen zu besuchen! NUTZE DIESE EINMALIGE CHANCE, weil ab 20.5. sind sie alle wieder weg!

Ein Workshop dauert 3 Stunden und kostet 30 Euro.
Die Workshops finden am 19.5.2018
von 10 Uhr – 13 Uhr bzw. 13.30 Uhr bis 16.30 Uhr.
Für ganz motivierte: 2 gehen sich aus!
im Theater im Bahnhof, Elisabethinergasse 27a statt.

Verbindliche Anmeldungen bis 18.5.2018 unter Angabe von Namen, Adresse und Telefonnummer
per E-Mail an [email protected]
oder telefonisch im Büro unter 0316/763620.
Alle Workshops werden in englischer Sprache abgehalten....

WORKSHOP 1: Theater im Bahnhof/P1 von 10 Uhr – 13 Uhr
Victoria Bang, GBG Impro Göteborg/Schweden
This workshop will encourage you to make more bold choices and dare more — by injecting a lot of playfulness. We'll focus on exercises that push you further, instilling in you the confidence to make new and different choices with your body and mind. This process opens new doors for you as an improviser, by giving you the courage to play with the 'mistakes' that come up and use them to your advantage, by taking them as far as possible. The more you dare — the more fun you will have, no matter how you look. Just do it! Just improvise! Find the Daredevil inside you, and have more fun on stage!

WORKSHOP 2: Theater im Bahnhof/P2 von 10 Uhr – 13 Uhr
Goran Zavrsnik – Priden Mozik Street Theatre, Kamnik/Slowenien
for Improv Musicians and Improvisors Who shot first in Episode IV – Greedo or Han Solo? Doesn’t matter, we all remember this famous movie scene because of the incredible Cantina band. Goal of this workshop is to encourage actors to hear and use music proposal from musicians and for musicians to strongly intervent, break routines, help actors when they are stuck in improv theatre. Both, Impro theater musicians and actors are welcome on this three hour research.

WORKSHOP 3: Theater im Bahnhof/P1 13.30 Uhr – 16.30 Uhr
Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té — Réunion Island (French Department)
We explore our body as a tool for long form and find the musicality within ourselves and the group to tell the same story.
The power of silence in an improv scene shared by the others.
Search for the urge of your body to be connected to yourself and your partners in order to tell your story.
Musicality as a tool to create your character, your content and your connection with the other one.

WORKSHOP 4: Theater im Bahnhof/P2 13.30 Uhr – 16.30 Uhr
Vid Sodnik, IGLU Ljubljana/Slovenien
Improvised scenes are based on relationships between the characters. In order to
understand the relationships it is key to focus on status work. Good status dynamics help to
give scenes more playfulness and a deeper meaning.
The workshop contains a theoretical introduction, studying video material and trying to
project it to practical work.
We will learn about different statuses, and about their physical and verbal component
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