Critical Soldering Workshop - Kritischer Lötworkshop @ , Graz [15. Juni]

Critical Soldering Workshop - Kritischer Lötworkshop

14:00 - 16:00

Inffeldgasse 18, 8010 Graz, Österreich
Where: E-Lab, Inffeldgasse 18

Within maker and hacker cultures, workshops and informal skill-shares are a way to distribute knowledge, expertise, practices, and often help to build a sense of community. They also become a format in which to solidify ‘best’ practices and the expected ways in which to build Do It Yourself (DIY) technologies and prototypes. But what kind of knowledge might be produced when leading workshops that problematize or unpack the types of skills shared, how they are shared, who is involved, and what is considered ‘best’ practice and why? In a more humanistic sense, such an endeavor might enable an exploration of subjectivity, identify-formation, and the communities of practice that are fostered (as well as those that are marginalized or erased) by DIY tech-based cultures. As an extension of research that explores various DIY tech communities attempting to establish alternative practices apart from dominant maker/hacker discourse, this workshop will explore definitions of technologies, skills, and values. The intention is to de-center one, “best,” way of doing things and to acknowledge the importance of many diverse and situated knowledges among community members and in relation to environment, tools, materials, and diverse experiences.

By using the workshop as a form of inquiry, we will enact experimental methods that allow analysis of dialogue, which opens during material praxis, something I have been working to establish or develop as a critical workshopping method (Foster 2015). The workshop will begin with an open discussion and story-telling session of techno-cultural experiences, followed by a soldering workshop for building sound devices toward new experiences of materiality – specifically the contact microphone. Contact microphones work differently from typical microphones in that they pick up on physical vibrations, rather than the vibrations of sound waves through the air. Thus, if attached to a door, they will amplify someone knocking at the door, or the resonant frequency at which the door vibrates when hit. Contact microphones allow for a different sensoric experience of the material world, and new ways for understanding the everyday objects, and technologies, in our lives. No previous experience in soldering is necessary and materials will be provided.

Skill-Sharing ist ein integraler Teil der Hacker- und Maker-Gemeinschaft. In diesesm Workshop wird ein kritischer Blick auf diese Praxis geworfen.
In diesem Workshop wird anhand von Kontaktmikrophonen ein neues Verständnis von alltäglichen Objekten und Technologien aufgebaut.
Es sind keine Lötkenntnisse notwendig. Material wird zur Verfügung gestellt.
Arbeitssprache ist Englisch, Teilnahme in deutsch gegebenfalls möglich.
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